How to Find a Lost Cat!

I didn’t know how much I cared about my cat Miko until he ran away last week. I had accidentally left the balcony door unlocked and my other cat Abyssinian cat, Cheyenne opened the door for him with his paw. Miko, an American Shorthair, got the chance to explore the outdoors, and the next morning I could not find him anywhere. I learned a lot of things by having Miko run away. First of all, he did not intentionally run away. House cats don’t do that. Apparently another cat chased after him or he chased another cat, then he couldn’t remember how to get back home. The first night he was gone, it rained very hard and it was freezing cold. I knew that he had to be suffering somewhere. I searched everywhere the next day, but he was nowhere to be found. I then learned some important lessons about finding a lost cat.

First of all, I called the pound to make sure he was not there. Then I called and went to all of the Animal hospitals and pet shops in our area, thinking someone might take him there. Then I even went to the police to report that he was missing. After that I made 500 fliers and put them in every mailbox in our neighborhood. It was very tiring! I also put them on the electrical poles within a 500 meter radius of our house. Then I put a T-shirt with our scent on it outside hoping that he could smell it. I also put food and water outside, just in case he was nearby and needed food.

On the fourth night of my search, I got a call from the tobacco shop on the corner about 300 meters from our house. They had found Miko! I rushed to the shop and there was my cat, looking quite thin and confused. When I took Miko home, he ate for about 30 minutes and he seemed to be in a state of shock for a few days. Now everything is back to normal. I never realized how much I cared about my cat until he got away. Make sure that your cats and dogs are safe and sound. And if one of them does get away, it helps to stay positive, be aggressive and search until you find your pet!